Injection capacity of a well – a parameter of injection well showing the possibility for working media injection (water, gas, steam, etc.) into the reservoir. It is defined as the volume of media injected into the reservoir in unit time.

Injection capacity depends on the overburden created at the bottomhole (bottomhole and reservoir pressure differential), on the quality of completion, on such reservoir parameters as thickness and permeability for the injected fluid. Specific injectivity index used for calculation purposes equals the ratio of the working media amount injected into the reservoir in unit time to the bottomhole overburden created during injection. The working media flow rate is measured on the surface (e.g., the most common working media is water, and its flow rate is measured by diaphragm, turbine, electromagnetic and other flow meters at cluster pump stations, water distribution points or at wellheads) and/or in the well in the perforation interval of the reservoir (by downhole flow meters run-in-hole with a cable).